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#1067 Out Of The Darkness - David Graham (Farmer Dave)

I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to this chat because unlike a lot of people, I knew virtually zero about farmer Dave (my bad) but what ensued, was an hour of captivating conversation with a bloke who’s had (and continues to have) a fascinating life. After years navigating all kinds of darkness and eventually finding his way into the light of happiness, purpose, love and connection, he’s now helping others do the same. A movie could literally be made about Dave’s journey. Here are a few snippets. He was in charge of feeding, cleaning and caring for twenty farm dogs when he was 3. He is the youngest of 11. Was an international model at 19. Grew up on 100,000 acre farm. ‘Came out’ on national television (Big Brother). Has travelled to more than 80 countries. Was crippled with depression and anxiety as a teenager. Is a father of five. Currently lives on his farm in the country with twenty-something dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, dwarf goats, alpacas, ducks, goose and a horse. Created RuffTRACK: a farm-based youth charity that protects kids, keeping them out of prison and up skilling them for a secure future (the story he shares around this is amazing), is an animal behaviourist, TV Presenter, speaker and good bloke doing good things. Enjoy.