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Hi and thanks for visiting! Life at Craig Central is super busy these days and typically, we receive hundreds (and hundreds) of emails weekly. So, in the interest of sanity, efficiency and energy-management (and based on the emails we typically receive), we’ve decided to share some general and specific information which will potentially (1) answer your question (2) provide you with some clarity and/or (3) point you in a particular direction. So, if your enquiry relates to:

If you’re interested in having Craig work with your team, company or organisation, we will get back to you shortly (typically within 24 hours).

All event tickets and program links are emailed automatically and should reach your inbox within 30-minutes of purchasing. We recommend checking your junk mail/spam folder if you haven’t received them. Please let us know if you still can’t see the email and we'll resend it for you.

We receive emails daily from people who either (1) have a guest suggestion (2) have a topic suggestion or (3) want to appear on the show. Firstly, thank you for your guest or topic suggestion (if you have one) and secondly, if you want to be on the show and we’re interested, we will contact you. And with respect, sending repeated requests doesn’t increase your chances. If you’re receiving this email, we’ve received your request and again, thanks.

At this point, Craig’s days are consumed with full-time work and full-time PhD. study and as a result, he simply doesn’t have the time to be able to respond to the numerous personal emails, requests and questions he receives on a daily basis.

Thank Yous: We are very grateful for all the nice words, praise and positive vibes that come our way. We appreciate you and the time and energy you have invested to write and send an email. We may not respond personally to every message but we read and genuinely value them all. Thank you.

General Feedback: We appreciate feedback and want you to know that we are constantly working to provide the best products, services, programs, podcasts and experiences possible for our friends, followers, participants, listeners and attendees. You may not receive a personal reply but your feedback will be read, respected and considered. Thank you.

If you'd like to chat with Craig via old-school or new-school media (radio, print, TV, podcast), leave the details and if he is interested, someone will be in touch.


If you’d like to get in touch, please email us below: