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#1369 Bloke-Ology - Dr. Daniel Ellenberg (PT2)

Dr Daniel Ellenberg is back at TYP and it's been too long. Nonetheless, we had a fun catch-up (which we've broken into two parts because we're both chatty AF) and we spoke about the science and psychology of being a bloke. Bloke-ology. Apparently, we don't all have our sh*t together. Who knew?
Shocker. Anyway, the good Doc and talk about our evolutionary need to be part of a tribe, the health benefits of care and connection, the risks of isolation and social exclusion, self-doubt vs. self-loathing, recognising our own programming and conditioning, being able to challenge our existing beliefs, the importance and value of understanding people who aren't like us and Daniel opens the vulnerability door and talks about his own issues with anxiety and depression. Enjoy.