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#1066 Finding Purpose - Harps & Patrick

So much talk about ‘finding our purpose.’ ‘Living with purpose.’ Having a ‘purpose-filled’ existence. So little agreement on what that actually means. Like, do we have one (single) purpose? Or can it be many? Does it change over time? Is it pre-determined or me-determined? Does it choose us or do we choose it? Does it need to be a profound save-the-world (type) thing? Or can it be something simple (but beautiful) like being a kind person? Are there rules? Do we need to meet some moral, ethical or behavioural criteria? And if so, who says? Who are the ‘purpose’ police? Well, like many ideas and concepts in psychology, sociology, theology and philosophy, ‘purpose’ is a concept for which there is very little consensus or consistency between, not only ‘experts’, but also between the different fields of research (see above). And now, reading over what I’ve just written, I wonder why I ever thought it would be a good idea for the ex-bouncer and the nerd to record a podcast about purpose. Oh well, I guess we’re as qualified as anyone. Enjoy.