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Hi Everyone!

I’m pumped to tell you that I’m bringing together some of the smartest and most inspirational people I know to educate, motivate and coach you towards your version of success. To explore the psychology, physiology, sociology, emotion and practicality of the human experience, so that you might live a life more aligned to ‘who and how’ you want to be. Less frustration, procrastination, time-wasting, anxiety and over-thinking. More purpose, joy, inspiration, productivity, calm and maybe even, fun!

Every Wednesday night for 12 weeks, we’re presenting a live and interactive online workshop facilitated by either myself, or one of my smart friends. There will be 3 sessions with me, and 9 with guest presenters. It will also be recorded and available to watch (and re-watch) on-demand. So, you will have the option of joining in live, watching later or both. And yes, you will be able to interact with the presenters, as we will allocate Q and A time for every session. 

‘High-Performance’ is an ambiguous term, often used in sporting, academic, corporate, entertainment, science, technology and military contexts. However, in the context of this program, we will be exploring high-performance specific to you; your genetics, knowledge, behaviour, age, skill, resources, goals, values and potential. Put simply, it’s about you getting the most out of you. No smoke and mirrors, no three-step plans, no miracle cures or magic pills and no self-help fluff. We do the information and inspiration and you do the implementation and transformation.

Love to see you there.

Best, Harps.



The High-Performance Living Program

DATES: Wednesday evenings from August 23 - November 8, 2023

TIME: 8:00pm - 9:30pm (AEST)

WHERE: Online Live (via Zoom) and On-demand

If you are unable to make a session live (or you would like to watch it again), they will be available to stream on our online education portal. Each recording will be available from 8:00pm the day following the session and will remain accessible until Wednesday December 6, 2023. Further details will emailed to you upon purchase. Enjoy :)