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#1068 Body Odour, Broccoli & Cranky Judges - Dr. Bill Sullivan (PT1)

Did you know that being attracted to someone’s body odour via smelling a T-shirt they’ve worn for 14 days without showering (from a selection of smelly strangers, by the way) and then producing a child with that someone, could be great for your hypothetical kid’s health, immune system and longevity? And more broadly, great for the proliferation of the species? And yes, that 14-day stench-fest study is actual research. Did you also know that people spend more money shopping when they’ve recently had coffee (and that some companies exploit this)? And that judges are less likely to grant parole when they’re hungry (just before lunch)? Did you know that your taste buds change (often dramatically) over time? Or that 25% of people are genetically wired to hate broccoli? Did you know that our behaviours and environment (and maybe our thoughts) can change the way our genes work (for good or bad)? Fascinating chat. Again. Dr Bill is a Professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana, who specialises in Molecular & Cell Biology but his broad science knowledge is vast and luckily for us, entertaining. Enjoy.