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#1054 I Love You & Disagree With You - Dr. Sarah Woodhouse

Apart from having the greatest accent of all time (for this Aussie), Dr. Sarah Woodhouse has a gift for discussing what-can-be complicated concepts and ideas in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-listen-to manner. Today we took a departure from ‘trauma’, her key area of research, writing and speaking and instead, we had great chat about chakras, reflexology, treatments and healing that doesn’t ‘make sense’ (in the Western medical model), echo chambers and ‘cults of thought’, designing our life based on self-awareness, biofeedback, intuition and results, the impact of loneliness and social disconnection on physical health, the need to ‘be right’, being friends with people who have different ideas, beliefs, lifestyle, religion and cultural backgrounds. And a bit more. Enjoy.