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#1055 The Concept Of No Mind - David Gillespie

Is it possible to ‘reset’ our brain? Can we overcome our massive dopamine (the pleasure hormone) addiction? What is at the core of our epidemic-like levels of depression, anxiety and stress? What about the addictive things we put into our body (drugs, booze, junk food and specifically, sugar) vs. the addictive things we feed our mind (porn, online gaming, shopping, social media, gambling)? How many addicts don’t recognise their own addiction? In this episode of TYP, David and I talk about all these questions and more. We also disagree on a few things (again) and discuss the possibility of the ‘mind’ being nothing more than a construct (or theory) created to explain the cognitive processes which actually happen in (arise from) our brain, such as memory, attention, perception, decision making, language, problem-solving, reasoning and lots more. Enjoy.