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#1053 Stop Ignoring What Your Body Is Saying - Harps

Your body ‘knows’ a lot. It is a magnificent example of biological intelligence and yours’ is always speaking to you; sometimes a whisper, sometimes a very direct chat and occasionally, a deafening shout. And if you’re like me, you’ve done some dumb sh*t to your body. Treated it badly. Abused it. Put toxic things in it. Ignored the messages. Lied to yourself. And others. Well, it can all change but only if you’re ready to own up and step up. I believe that in 2023, we pleasure-seekers, quick-fixers, instant-gratifiers and ‘one-day-sooners’ have never been less connected to the wisdom of our own bodies. Going through life with our metaphoric eyes closed and fingers in our ears. For some of you (not all), this conversation might be a wake-up call. Enjoy.