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#991 Being An Introvert Can Be Exhausting - Julie Stevanja

This was an interesting and fun chat with an introvert who lives in a world (situation, business, career) requiring her to do ‘extrovert-y’ things, like talking on a podcast to thousands of people. Julie Stevanja told me she declines most podcast requests because they “absolutely exhaust her”. So interesting. Having said that, she was (is) ace. We went far and wide in this chat, touching on the challenges of being an introvert, our similar religious upbringings, the Law of Attraction (is it BS?), trying to ‘figure out’ spirituality, seeking external validation (the modern illness), social anxiety, the genius that exists beyond the mind, risk and stress, internal vs. external wealth, conscious consumption and more. Julie Stevanja is the co-founder of the women’s activewear brand, Stylerunner. Along with her twin sister Sali, in 2021, she launched ‘Her Black Book’ a Consumer app connecting retail brands with consumers who love to shop and it’s going off like a frog in a sock (my words), currently working with more than 700 amazing brands. Enjoy.