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#989 What Is Intelligence - David Gillespie

At some stage of our journey, most of us are taught that intelligence is a thing that’s measured by completing a specific test, getting a ‘score’ and then being told ‘how smart’ we are. Or aren’t. What could go wrong? And while we all instinctively know that intelligence is a forest not a tree, nonetheless, our culture still seems to obsess about (and focus on), the IQ tree. Fortunately, things are (slowly) shifting but in my opinion, not fast enough. Creative genius. Emotional intelligence. Social intelligence. Mechanical genius. Practical intelligence. Street smarts. Situational awareness. Survival skills. The ability to adapt. Cognitive flexibility. High-level problem solving. The ability to thrive under pressure. Understanding non-verbal communication. Like I said; forest not tree. This is a conversation about that. And other stuff. Enjoy.