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#916 Madder Than A Cut Snake - Jacqui Cooper

Jacqui Cooper is a five-time World Champion aerial ski-jumper, five-time Olympian, Corporate Speaker, Mum of three, wife of one, ex-athlete of mine, hi-energy, perfectionistic, obsessive, OCD… maniac (self-described). Someone once referred to her as ‘madder than a cut snake’. She doesn’t disagree. This chat was funny, inspirational and surprising. We spoke about maximising potential, the importance of managing our mind, self-regulation, white-line fever (she still has it), her 32 injury-related surgeries (not a typo), the risk, fear and logistics of flying off a ramp at 70kph and being the first woman in history to do a triple twisting, triple somersault with skis strapped to her feet(!), her (metaphoric) sh*t-shield, her inability to meditate (there’s a shock) and lots more. Enjoy. *Oh BTW, after we signed off at the end, Jacqui told Melissa and I a killer story, which we decided to include, so stick around after we say good-bye.