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#917 High Performance - Harps

High Performance (the term) can mean a myriad of things, depending on context, situation, task, environment and the individual aiming to be a high performer. When I talk about high performance (as a Coach), I’m talking about our willingness (you and me) to do the best we can, wherever we are, with whatever we have available to us (knowledge, skill, talent, genetics, resources, energy, time). In popular culture, high performers are often identified as the uber-talented, successful, intellectual, athletic, beautiful and of course, rich. But then there’s the group I inhabit (maybe you do too).. the “I’ll never win a Nobel Prize, Olympic Final or Grammy Award” group. What about us? Can we be high performers? The answer is, absolutely yes. This is an interesting conversation about the psychology, process and practice, of high performance. Enjoy.