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#877 BTW, I’m Gay - Patrick Bonello & Tor Roxburgh

The first half of this chat with Tor and Patrick has nothing to do with life-improving tech but nonetheless, it was super interesting. And unplanned. We learned about (younger) Tor being chased by the police while sitting on the front of her dad’s Mercedes holding a shotgun, Patrick ‘coming out’ on national TV (his identical twin brother, who was also on the show didn’t know) and I disclose a ‘Mary story’ that will probably get me trouble with the Old Darl. Oh well, (shoulder shrug). On a tech note, we talk about the father who warns his sons about their mum’s bad moods via text-alerts, a 'sand battery' that can store heat at 500C for months, TikTok stealing your cyber-stuff, personalised action figure dolls (with your face), the first company to implant a human brain-computer interface (WTF!), forty-dollar fitness trackers and new features on Android and Apple devices that can transcribe words in real-time (during a phone call), meaning that hearing impaired people can read (instead of listen to) the words of the person on the other end of the phone! Enjoy.