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#876 The Cataclsymic Sh*tstorm - Geoff Jowett

I didn’t realise how much I missed Geoffro until we reconnected. He is simultaneously grounded, hilarious, inappropriate, wise, laid back and (ironically) full on and this chat was awesome. The guy who, not-too-long-ago was up to his eyeballs in business deals, grinding and hustling, making money, TV appearances, booze, drugs, mayhem, madness and self-destruction, is now the guy living totally sober in the middle of nature with his two horses and four dogs, no television, limited hours of technology, minimal face-to-face human interaction, a crazy long beard and zero external ‘noise’. He has truly unplugged from the madness and reinvented himself from a soul level, up. If you told me eight years ago that the Geoff I knew then, would be living his current existence, I absolutely would not have believed you. We’re always talking (on TYP) about growth, evolution, transformation, self-awareness, living our values and choosing our path.. well, take a listen to this.