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#460 BrainPark

When I first heard the name ‘BrainPark’ (a few years ago), I visualised a kind-of Disneyland for Geeks and Brainiacs. In some ways, I was kind-of right. But more accurately, BrainPark is a world-first neuroscience research clinic (part of Monash University) dedicated to improving the physical, mental and brain health of Australians. It’s also where I’m doing my PhD. Now you understand the feeling of fraudulence. For this episode, I sat down with Dr. Rebecca Segrave (Deputy Director of BrainPark) and Professor Murat Yucel, who is a world-renowned Academic, Neuroscience Nerd, Director of BrainPark and sadly for him, senior supervisor for my PhD. If you love brain stuff, neuroscience stuff and mind stuff, this is for you. Enjoy.