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#459 Becoming an Older Student

Study. So many people are scared of it but for me, it’s been liberating, transformative and empowering. It’s also awesome for your brain. And, to be honest, the ‘idea’ of it is scarier than the practical reality of it, once you’re under way. Nearly two decades after I finished school, I began my first degree (a Bachelor of Exercise Science) at the age of thirty-six. I was terrified and felt like a fraud. Over time, I figured it out. Two decades later (at fifty-six), I started my PhD and once again, those feelings returned. And once again, I’m figuring it out. This episode is all about returning to study at any level (certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, degree or post grad.) irrespective of your academic background, perceived aptitude for study or level of confidence (it will grow). Dr Richard Huysmans shares some thoughts, ideas, tips and strategies for opening the door to some later-in-life learning (whether you’re 27 or 77). Enjoy.

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