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#422 Becoming Ungiveupable

So much talk about change. So little actual change. So much starting and stopping. Over and over. So many excuses dressed up as reasons. So much talk. So many intentions. So many goals. So many pointless resolutions. So many words. So much temporary change. So little permanent change. So many broken promises. Yep, some people have been ‘almost’ changing their lives for decades but how do we actually get it done? As in, forever? Why do we keep looking for an external solution, when we really need an internal revolution? Why are we so addicted to instant gratification, magic pills and shortcuts? And finally, how do we persevere through the fear, the discomfort, the motivational troughs and the uncertainty? This a broadly relevant conversation and it’s fair to say that, in parts, it’s somewhat direct. Shocking, I know. Enjoy.