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#384: Eternal Curiosity

What happens when we die? What’s on the other side? Is there another side? Maybe this is the only one? According to my training partner (the Crab) who died for 17 minutes at the gym… “there’s f*ck all.” According to my primary school teachers, there’s heaven (for the good kids), hell (for the bad kids) and purgatory (like an eternal halfway house), probably the best I could hope for. Depending on which theology, philosophy, ideology, institution or individual you pay attention to, there might just be a smorgasbord of eternal options. Or, if you listen to science (which relies on evidence), the Crab could just be right; f*ck all. We also discussed purpose versus values, Catholic guilt, my mum lighting candles (for my soul), Bobby’s multi-religion theological odyssey (as a young person), identity through beliefs, the emotional and psychological benefits of having faith and lots more. Enjoy.