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#232 Dr Ingrid Nielsen

Ingrid Nielsen was a socially awkward kid born in South Africa in 1947. She became a nun at 16 (for five years). A medical student at 21. A Doctor at 27. Married at 30. A mother at 30. Was a forensic pathologist at 30. She completed more than 7,000 post mortems in 7 years (in Johannesburg). Was married to a cheating husband for five years. Divorced at 36. Became a single mum of three young kids (1, 2 and 4) at 35. Qualified as a Psychiatrist at 39 (after years of further study). Emigrated to Australia at 44. Was a work-aholic until 65. Was depressed for an entire year (at 55). Started working out (and having fun) at 65. Ran her first marathon at 68. Retired for two weeks at 69 and is currently working full-time as a Psychiatrist in a large hospital in Adelaide (at 72). Ingrid is an inspiration.