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#209 Change Your Life Forever (Another Free Workshop)

What’s your life telling you? Are you living your purpose, passion and values or are you treading water in your own personal Groundhog Day? Spinning your wheels? Living in a holding pattern? Or maybe worse? Are you over-thinking and under-doing? Wasting your potential? Self-sabotaging your way into frustration and stagnation? Don’t beat yourself up; it’s a pretty big club. We all want to live our best lives but what does that actually mean? And where does our idea of ‘best’ come from? Is a ‘best life’ experience about what’s happening in our external (physical) world or is it more about that non-physical (internal) space? Maybe it’s about both? This episode is not a prescription (of course) but rather, an interesting conversation around what it means to live our best life and how we might go about it.