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#1325 What If Addiction Is The Goal? - David Gillespie

Are some organisations strategically trying to create addictive products, knowing that the consumer’s pain is their commercial gain? That's a rhetorical question; of course they are. Old Gillespo never disappoints and this time, he definitely delivered. Among other things, we had a fascinating conversation about how a nasal decongestant in the 1930's (which was essentially speed) became an amazingly effective treatment, for what would later (in history) be known as ADHD, and why giving over-stimulated and badly-behaved kids a stimulant somehow made them calm, focused and significantly better students, almost instantly. We also chatted about the modern-day equivalents and how they are derailing, not only our kids but also, our grown-ups too. Oh, and did I mention that some corporations are making a shit-ton of money? Enjoy.