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#1137 How Healthy Is Your Brain? - Marc Milstein

This is not another conversation about the mind. Or thinking. Or beliefs. Or subjective reality. No, it’s a conversation about the 1.3kg physical organ that resides in your skull. Did you know that you can improve the health and function of your brain by walking faster? And laughing more? And being properly hydrated? And standing up straight? Did you know there’s a powerful relationship between gut health and brain health? Or that brains typically start to shrink at around forty but there’s a way for you and I to be ‘atypical’? Did you know that there’s a relationship between your balance (speaking actual physical balance here) and your ‘brain age’? This was a fun chat with Dr. Marc Milstein, who is an internationally recognised speaker on optimising brain health, lowering the risk of dementia, and boosting happiness and productivity. Enjoy.