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#1124 Why You Should Avoid Sports Drinks And Energy Drinks - David Gillespie

This is a bloody fascinating and revealing conversation about sports and energy drinks with David Gillespie. In short.. brilliant marketing, sh*t products. We talk about the origin and evolution of these types of drinks, the potential risks, the wildly misleading (unethical?) marketing and claims used to manipulate (scam?) teenagers into consuming them, companies using ‘Influencers’ to make their products attractive to vulnerable consumers, the crazy amounts of caffeine in ‘energy’ drinks which ironically, contain zero energy (calories), sports drinks which are actually soft drinks minus the carbonation, the potential relationship between excessive sugar consumption and ligament injuries (like ruptured ACL’s) and my working hypothesis on why the Crab (my training partner) may have died for 17 minutes at the gym (he had a cardiac arrest). Enjoy.