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#1123 Jump, Crash, Learn, Win - Jacqui Cooper

Despite being a five-time Olympian and five-time world champion Aerial Skier, Jacqui Cooper failed to land 80% of her jumps. In a high-skill, high-risk, high-impact, high-courage sport, that equates to a lot of crashes, a lot of injuries, a lot of pain and a lot of operations (33 to be exact). This time around, Jacqui and I talk about all those crashes and learning through the physical and mental pain, getting back in the gym after a thirteen-year absence, her IVF journey and her thoughts around the topic, her white-line fever (her hyper-competitiveness), her transition into professional speaking, her body at fifty, her Bruce McAvaney performance enhancer (it’ll make sense in the show) and lots more. Enjoy.