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#1122 Understanding Your Brain - Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Over five-plus years and eleven hundred-plus episodes, one of my top 3 TYP moments was interviewing Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor; a personal hero of mine. Dr. Bolte delivered my all-time favourite TED talk ‘My Stroke of Insight’ over a decade ago and with complete fascination, I watched this amazing Researcher and Neuro-anatomist share in intricate detail about the day the left hemisphere of her brain went ‘off-line’ courtesy of a burst blood vessel and stroke that almost took her life. The Brain Scientist was able to witness her own brain shutting down and within four hours, she could not speak, read, walk, write or remember anything from her past. Jill compares her stroke to being like an infant again. Her personal experience, her subsequent eight-year recovery and her training as a Brain Scientist provide her with a unique insight into and understanding of, the brain. It also makes her a brilliant teacher. In a world where platitudes are thrown around like verbal frisbees, this woman is truly remarkable, inspirational and brilliant. This episode is a reboot of our conversation from over 500 episodes ago and knowing how much we’ve grown since then, I’m confident it will be new for most of you. Enjoy.
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