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#109 A Self-Audit (Part 1)

SELF-AUDITING is a worthwhile, if not always comfortable, component of the personal transformation journey. It is largely about self-awareness and the recognising of habits, patterns, behaviours and choices which can fit anywhere on the scale from toxic and destructive, to positive and life-enhancing. This process is not about self-loathing or over-thinking but rather, self-awareness, self-management and self-determination. It is a strategic, rational and productive exercise, not an emotional or destructive one. In this two-part episode of TYP, Craig walks (talks?) you through some Self-Auditing (type) questions.


  1. Am I doing what success requires?
  2. What will my look like in a year if I stay on my current trajectory? Is that what I want?
  3. What do I want more: success or comfort?
  4. Based on what I want to do, be, create and change, what needs to be non-negotiable for me?
  5. What part of the problem am I?
  6. What am I doing well?
  7. What am I grateful for?
  8. What am I currently doing which is essentially a form of self-sabotage?
  9. If 10 (out of 10) is me using all of my potential, what’s my current number?
  10. Do I invest more of my time and energy in problems or solutions?