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#1076 Talking Toasters & Quantum Physics - Q & A with Harps

This is part two of my Q and A sesh. I apologise in advance to the people whose questions I didn’t get to. I answered them in the order I received them and simply ran out of time. Here’s what I explore this time (and who asked)..  

MAGDA: Vibrational energy. Quantum physics. Please explain, I just want to know a true Aussie bloke’s take on this. *BTW (Harps here), asking me this question is liking asking your toaster to explain time travel. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

ALISON: You don’t eat lunch so interested to know what sort of breakfasts you have to keep you going all day?

JAIMEE: Thoughts on GP’s prescribing exercise literally on a script pad and visiting and exercise physiologist and exercise equipment purchases (eg. TheraBand) instead of leaving with a script for medications from a pharmacy.

KYLIE: Piggy backing off Martin and Matt in regards to purpose. I have heard Harps talk some about purpose and purpose does come up in my own discovery of myself and journalling and with professionals. I'd like to hear Harps view on… Is your purpose and goals the same or are they different things? Is purpose what you are on earth to do and goals ways of achieving this purpose.

ERIN: What are your best ideas for breaking out of a funk? Random ones, not run-of-the-mill stuff like sleep or exercise or meditation or the like.

KYLIE P: What are you views on “manifestation” after Geoff’s views on part 2 of his podcast.

FRANK: What do you do for your rotator cuff that brings relief? Op or no op.. that is the question!