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#1075 Books That Shaped Me - Q & A With Harps

A few times a year, I record a Q & A episode, exploring listener questions. This is part one (of two) and here are the questions I ponder (and from whom)…

ANDREA: What are your top 5 most influential books? What will you do when your become Dr Harps?

MIKE: Why do so many men over 40 still fail to manage, focus on, prioritise their wellness (food / movement / sleep / mindset) despite the overwhelming evidence of the impact on relationships, physical and mental health?

CORRINNE: What podcast episode would you direct someone to who is starting their journey with personal growth and metacognition.

EM: What do you feel is the best method for prompting a behaviour change in people? What motivates people to change behaviour when education and information provided doesn’t result in the desired behaviour change?

BEE: How do you remain staying positive when you're going through a really tough time, I know it can't last forever but so hard to see through it when in the middle of it.

SARAH: How to stay fit with a chronic illness?

CARLY: If you didn't have to work to earn money, how would you spend your time?