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#1052 Becoming Ungiveupable - Harps

Every now and then (about four times in a thousand episodes), we-revisit a slightly-updated version of an old episode, which proved to be super-popular first time around. This is such an episode. Many of you newbies have never listened to it, some hard-core TYPers have relistened a bunch of times and many have listened once and (understandably) forgotten most of what was spoken about. Anyway, the idea of becoming ungiveupable is one that clearly appealed to many listeners. Being more resilient, being calmer in chaos, being an effective decision-maker and action-taker under pressure, being able to persevere when it’s not fun, comfortable, quick or easy and staying productive, proactive and effective when the motivation has worn off. BTW, if you’re little presh, you might wanna put on your kevlar cardigan and Uggs for this one. Enjoy.