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#1050 Coffee, Booze & Chocolate - Matty Lansdown (PT1)

This was my favourite chat so far with Matty Lansdown, with a mix of incredible (occasionally terrifying) information about food ingredients, food marketing, food production, food preserving and the sneaky sh*t that food companies don’t want Matty and I chatting about. We spoke about the misrepresentation of products (via misleading and unethical marketing) and what’s actually in those products (for example, many of the ‘rye breads’, contain less than 10% rye flour and more than 40% wheat flour), ‘almond milk’ - no such thing by-the-way, it’s just a term created to sell a combo of distilled water (about 97%) and few almonds (about 3 %) in a ‘milk’ (type) carton, what companies do (with chemicals) to make chicken taste like chicken (not joking), is any booze actually healthy?, the good and bad of coffee and the deal with chocolate… it’s healthy right? Enjoy.