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#1049 Weeing For Science - Patrick Bonello

Patrick, our Favourite Geek is back at TYP Central HQ sharing the cyber love, talking about the latest gizmos and gadgets and let’s be honest, nerding out about all-things tech. Among other things, we talk about our shared 3D Avatar experience, the pros and cons of Open AI and Chat PT (some schools are banning it), a gizmo that sits in your toilet and every time you wee on it, it analyses your pee to detect potential medical issues (science), we talk about the cognitive and physical benefits of standing while we work, cars that can change colours (really!), a mouthguard-tooth brush (combo) which cleans all your teeth thoroughly in ten seconds, band aids designed to not only help treat wounds, but also, to monitor healing status, a new type of BP monitor which might reduce white-coat hypertension (anxiety and elevated BP reading around the process) and lots more. Oh, and Patrick and Tiff picked on me for a solid ten minutes at the start, you might enjoy that. Back in therapy for me. Enjoy.