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#1048 Is A.I. Awesome of Terrifying? - Tommy & Harps

My adopted son (I have a few), Tommy Jackett, is back at TYP freaking me the-f*ck out with some voodoo, magic AI stuff where (before the show) he plugged some of my written work (whiteboard posts mainly) into an ‘Open AI’ program (it’s a thing), and then ‘asked’ the program to interpret my messages into language and terms that a second grader could understand, while not losing the essence of the message. And it f*cking did! It’s seriously amazing. He also asked the AI to prepare eight questions for an interview with Craig Harper (and that was the only instruction he typed in). And it did. Honestly, I’m not sure if this stuff is incredible, terrifying or both. I’ve never felt older (lol). Enjoy.