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#1041 The Great Debate - David Gillespie

Okay, not really ‘great’ but I can’t use ‘The Somewhat-Mild Debate’ as a title, can I? It’s fair to say that, while David and I agree on many things, there’s always some thought, idea or assertion where we part metaphoric ways. And while there is a level of divergent thinking in this chat, fortunately, our friendship is not dependent on the need for agreement, philosophical alignment or being each other’s cheer squad. And also, I’m totally okay with him being wrong. Lol. See what I did there? Seriously, this was a fun chat where we talked about New Year’s resolutions and the stats around their effectiveness (or lack thereof), social anxiety on Christmas Day, why a goal is not a plan, the difficulty of beating addiction and creating healthy new habits, the role of discipline, motivation and self-control and David and I butt heads (in a loving way) regarding the calorie equation conversation (energy in and out). Enjoy.