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#983 Welcome To The Grief Club - Janine Kwoh

Janine Kwoh is an artist, creator, author and story-teller, whose partner died when they were both 28 and who subsequently, has spent the last six years trying to navigate, understand and deal with, grief. It seems like this might be a heavy chat, it isn’t. Janine is the owner / artist / one-person assembly line behind Kwohtations; an ever-evolving collection of greeting cards and gifts that reflect and celebrate a diversity of identities and life experiences. She is also the author of ‘Welcome to the Grief Club’; an illustrated book on grief for anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one. Janine started making cards in 2011 as a way to reflect on and honour the lives we actually lead, versus the ones we think we should. Kwohtations is essentially her life in greeting cards, in which she offers up her own truths about navigating love and loss, (re)defining family and success, and figuring out what it means to show up for ourself and others. Enjoy.