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#966 What Is Social Enterprise? - Kim McDonnell

This is an interesting chat about the ever-present challenge of businesses wanting to make money, do some good in the world (for the planet and people) and let’s be honest, protect (or enhance) their brand along the way. It’s also about purpose and value driven people building commercial organisations with a primary focus of creating positive and sustainable impact in the world. I’m gonna be honest, until this conversation I didn’t totally understand what social enterprise looked like in practice or in the commercial landscape. In 2013, Kim founded ‘Thankful’, a social enterprise supported by more than 20 years of scientific research. Under her guidance, Thankful’s innovative model merges philanthropy and business to create a positive, sustainable, and scalable impact. She is committed to unifying influencers, thought leaders, brands and organisations to create the most significant impact for communities in Australia and beyond. Enjoy.