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#950 How Many Sets, Reps & Steps - Russ Jarrett

“What’s a good weight, time, distance, speed, result (for this activity, exercise, movement) for somebody at my age?” I’ve been asked a version of that question thousands of times and this episode is kind-of about that question. I began training bodies and working with the humans who live in those bodies forty years ago. Exercise Physiologist Russ Jarret has been doing the same for about thirty. We’ve both worked with people at all levels of the fitness, sporting, genetic and performance spectrums; from ‘Mr. I’ve Never Been to a Gym’ to ‘Miss (or Mrs.) I’m going to the Olympics’. Old. Young. Elite. Novice. Inspired. Lazy. Human. In this episode of TYP, Russ and I talk about a range of exercises and activities and casually discuss what-might-be a good result (number, time, weight, reps) for certain tasks, specific to different ages, fitness levels and training ages (how long you’ve been working out). Once again, our discussion and ideas are not recommendations, prescriptions or personalised programs but rather, what might be a pretty good achievement relative to certain activities for different people at different ages and stages. Enjoy