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#947 Understanding Your Brain - Dr. Alex Koefman

It seems The You Project is having a run on Neurosurgeons at the moment. Last week it was Dr. Charlie Teo and this week, Dr. Alex Koefman is back at TYP Central; quite the feat considering there’s only about 200 of them (Neurosurgeons) in Australia. This time the Doc and I discuss why his colleagues regard him as an agitator, his inability to be content (perfectionist anyone?), our need for a (metaphoric) security blanket, managing self-doubt, the role of the amygdala (it’s not only about emotions), why the left and right hemispheres of the brain are not only about logic and creativity (as previously thought), his most inspirational moment in an operating theatre, contact sports and brain damage (CTE), his presentation at our TYP conference and lots more. Enjoy.