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#911 What Is The Real World? - Patrick & Harps

Virtual reality, augmented reality and actual reality; it can get very confusing, very fast when you start exploring the ‘what is reality’ question in a physical world that’s becoming increasingly intertwined with a virtual world. Especially when we’re in a VR scenario (room, place, experience, situation) and in-the-moment, our brain can’t differentiate between a virtual snake slithering towards us and an actual one… leading to a very-real psychological, emotional and physical reaction from something that doesn’t actually ‘exist’. I’m equally excited and cautious about the ever-evolving technology-driven landscape that we all inhabit and while I think that much of what we have at our disposal is incredible and potentially life-improving, I’m not sure that ‘technological advancement’ always equates to human advancement. This was a fun chat with Patrick.