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#909 Soul Journey - Harps & Tiff

I was recently on young Tiff’s show (Roll with The Punches) and while I can’t exactly remember (word for word) what we spoke about, I do remember it as one of our more profound chats and an episode I really enjoyed. So, rather than writing an overview of a conversation I had a week ago, I thought I’d cheat and use Tiff’s (synopsis)… *Harps is back and after a little light-hearted banter and exploring how we embrace conflict, confrontation and difficult conversations, our interest moves back to one of our favourite conversational places... the soul. Harps shares some seriously heart-warming (and heartbreaking) experiences of his that shaped his perspective and to be honest, shaped mine hearing about it too. This conversation left me thinking perhaps it's time to park our goal-setting and success-seeking and simply submit to our soul journey (nice copy Tiff).