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#867 The Idea of Value - Patrick Bonello & Tor Roxburgh

So, a bloke spent his life savings buying some pretend land in the metaverse. If he’s happy with his ‘investment’, does that mean he got a good deal? Maybe my idea of ‘crazy’ is his idea of prudent market speculation. And down the track we might discover that he was the smart one, when another investor buys it from him for double! But what is value anyway? Is it about the objective ‘thing’ or is it about our subjective assessment of what we think that thing is worth? And could floating cities be one of the answers to rising sea levels (it’s happening)? And what about the Webb telescope that can see back in time (that idea does my head in)? And what new health gizmos and gadgets are coming into the market to make our ‘personal health management’ more effective and efficient? And what’s happening at the intersection of biology, technology and medicine? For better or worse, we’re increasingly moving towards replacing biological bits with non-biological bits; is it all positive or are there some potential dangers? It’s a busy show! Enjoy.