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#852 Preventative Health Care - Michol Dalcourt

I loved this chat. It triggered so much thought and curiosity for me. Among other things, Michol (Mish-ol) and I went deep on the idea of a government, industry and medically supported health system aimed at the prevention (mitigation, reduction) of illness and disease; not to replace our current model but rather, to complement it. Potentially, a state and national system (programs, resources, infrastructure) designed to keep our population healthy and functional for as long as possible. So many potential medical, financial and, of course, personal benefits. We often talk a big game about being proactive with our health but the truth is that, on many levels (individual to collective) our operating system is largely focused on disease management, not prevention. Oh, and we also spoke about why crying is awesome for you (really), future-proofing, the limitations of will-power and discipline, hitting the pause button on our Groundhog Day(ness), turning ideas into action, the impact of loneliness and of course, creating a ‘new normal’. Enjoy.