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#844 Life, Laughs & Tourette's - Seamus Evans

Seamus Evans has worked successfully as a TV and radio presenter, comedian and corporate speaker, despite living with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and a few other not-insignificant personal challenges. I enjoy exploring life through the eyes, understanding and experiences of other people and this chat, was definitely that and more. Among other things, we spoke about Seamus failing school and being in the ‘wrong’ academic model (for him). He told us about hiding his Tourette’s when casting for a TV show (at 18), only to have it discovered not long after he got the gig. We spoke about being stared at, misunderstood, judged and avoided. We also discussed the pros of being neuro-diverse and how his ‘different’ brain can be something of a superpower when it comes to all-things creative. I enjoyed this. *A few facts about Tourette Syndrome: it is a neurological condition made up of both motor and vocal tics. 1 in 100 kids are diagnosed with it. TS is more common in males than females. There is no cure for TS, just awareness. Most children with TS have above normal or high intelligence levels. The condition is named after French Neurologist, Gilles De La Tourette.