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#841 The You Experiment - Harps & Tiff

Managing ‘me’ and getting the most out of my genetics, potential, intellect, creativity, time, resources, energy and opportunities has been an ongoing experiment since I was the fat 14 year-old. Trying different things. Seeking my own truth, insight and discoveries by being both the researcher and the ‘researched’ (participant) in my own project. N=1 and I am the ‘n’. You can be too. Creating simple experiments. Observing outcomes. Interpreting data. Building your own understanding, awareness, knowledge and insight, through trial and error, personal experience and effort. I’ve done it with my genetics, the various evolutions of my career, my nutrition, values, lifestyle, sleep, recovery, energy optimisation, finances, my development as a speaker, author and podcaster, my study protocol, finding my optimal physical environment and lots more. This is a chat about the idea of strategic, practical, life-improving self-experimentation.