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#813 Is The Soul A Thing - Harps & Tiff

Some people will love this chat and some will be… “nah, Bro.. too weird, cosmic and spiro for me”.. and I get it. See you next ep. I guess the first twenty minutes (or so) are pretty ‘normal’ (by TYP standards) but after that, we do unpack a few curly questions like.. What is the mind? Where does it live? What does inexplicable (and sometimes, spontaneous) healing from (apparent) ‘incurable illnesses’ tell us about human potential and how much we don’t (actually) understand? Can wisdom, awareness and insight come from somewhere other than the mind? Can we know things that we’ve never been taught, told or trained to know? Is ‘spirituality’ real or is it a creation of the mind, that gives us a level of comfort? And what about the ‘soul’.. is that a thing, or is it just a feel-good concept created to fit a religious narrative? What is the role of faith? Is it okay to believe in the power and potential of something we don’t fully understand? And finally, can we tap into that ‘something’ to help us navigate life, even though we don’t really comprehend it? I’m not sure that we came to any life-changing conclusions or revelations in this chat but at the very least, we provided some food for thought. Enjoy.