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#793 Mrs Einstein was the Genius - Dr. Ken Mogi

Ken Mogi is a Japanese neuroscientist, senior researcher at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories and a visiting professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He has written more than a hundred books (what!) on a range of topics, including brain science, philosophy, history, art, education and linguistics and I loved chatting with him. Apart from being an accomplished academic, author, speaker and media performer, he’s also funny, cheeky and has incredible energy. In this episode, we speak about Ninja and Samurai (types) and it turns out that I’m a Ninja, not a Samurai. More introvert, than extravert. And yes, anecdotal evidence would suggest otherwise. Shy little wallflower that I am. Oh, and in breaking news… Einstein’s first wife (Mrs Einstein) was the smart one. Who knew? Okay, he went alright as well. Not surprisingly, we also chatted about all-things brain, mind, human behaviour and consciousness. And also, Mozart’s sister. Apparently, she was as talented as her brother. Again, who knew? Enjoy.

The Way Of Nagomi