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#765 Is Mediocre So Bad? - Harps & Tiff

Is it so bad to be normal? Typical? Average? Common? Do we all have to be inherently amazing, gifted and special? Do we have to keep tell our kids that they’re amazing and special every five minutes? If so, why? And for how long? Is mediocrity so terrible? If it is, I’m in trouble because my genetics are mediocre AF. As is my intellect. And creative ability. And academic prowess. And sporting ability. And don’t even ask me about technology or doing ‘man things’; like anything involving a tool. But maybe in the middle of it all, we can find a way to make uncommon decisions, do uncommon things, create uncommon results and live uncommon, amazing and rewarding lives? Or maybe better still, we can find a way to be happy, calm and fulfilled, despite our not-very-special existence? This is a chat about that.