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#732 The Inner Critic - Dr. Adam Fraser

Well, this was an unexpectedly enjoyable, fun and entertaining conversation with a new friend. If you like learning with laughter, I think you’ll enjoy this. Dr Adam Fraser is a peak performance researcher who helps people strive to achieve better performance in everything they do. He has worked with elite athletes, sporting teams, special forces soldiers, business leaders and now (in the high point of his career), The You Project! Among other things, Adam and I chatted about stepping away from Zoom to talk with actual audiences, high performance without the collateral damage, managing negative thoughts and emotions, why struggle is important, the psychology of courage, being addicted to easy, his time working with the royal family in Kuwait, leadership and managing humans, imposter syndrome, the stories that hold us back, Kevin the Inner Critic and Brian the Blamer (it will make sense when you listen). Enjoy.