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#725 Bobby Two-Shoes - Bobby Cappuccio

Most of you know Bobby and I are Mates and, in some ways (for a range of reasons), to me he’s like a weird, loveable, super-smart little brother. To say his childhood was rough is like saying the ocean is a bit wet. In comparison, my upbringing was Disneyland and I had zero problems. While talking about Bobby’s journey is sometimes tough, what amazes me is his total lack of self-pity, bitterness and resentment and his ability to graciously share the insights, lessons and experiences to come from those years. Among other things, in this episode we discuss optimal cognitive function, his Tourette’s, reading hard copy vs screens, bias, unlearning, ADHD and learning, similarity seeking, discovering your learning style, what represented love for him, trusting people slowly, finding the light in the darkness and much more. Oh, and the reason for the title? Well, he’s from Brooklyn, his name is Bobby and he wears two shoes. Why else?