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#701 Understanding How Others Think - Harps & Tiff

This episode was pretty much me riffing about one of my favourite topics for an hour, with Tiff jumping in when I came up for air. Understanding how other people think is a highly-important but under-valued and under-considered ability and skill. It’s something I’m fascinated with (obsessed maybe) and something I’ve worked hard to understand and explore personally, professionally and academically. It’s important because, having an insight into how others think, means we have an insight into their version of reality. Their thoughts, ideas, stories, beliefs, biases, values and fears. Which means we know what they might do next. Or how they might feel about or react to, a certain stimulus (event, situation, statement, outcome). Which makes things like effective communication, connection, teamwork, leadership, problem solving and conflict resolution more likely. In the 80’s Stephen Covey famously wrote: “seek first to understand and then to be understood”. He was onto something. Enjoy.